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Straw, Raffia, Wicker and Beach Bags as Summer Statements

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It's that time of year!! Light colored fabrics and straw bags are some of my favorite parts of spring and summer fashion.  The texture of them immediately draws the eye, and they usually have such a fun component such as a bright fabric or leather, tassels, or art design.  Let's have a look at some of the ways we can incorporate one of these bags into our looks this season!!

This bag is perfect for daytime, ladies who lunch wear or can even be taken to the beach for a very fashionable sunning session.  It's eye catching and adorable.

This bag is one of my absolute favorites and tops on my must have list for summer.  My mother owned one of these bags and I was always fascinated with the construction.  If I had known then what I know now, I would have commandeered her entire closet.  Now, I just don't throw anything away!


This bag is one that we are featuring in our Muzette 009 collection.  It can be worn shoulder or crossbody with a gold chain or as a clutch with the chain tucked in the bag.  It's so cute with a spring or summer dress, maxi or shorter.  We love it.


How do you ladies feel about this one?  We are thinking about carrying it in stock.  Its so simple and cute.


This red wicker tote is an eye catcher!  The color and texture pop make it a winner in our book.  It would be perfect for the beach and pool trips too.  We need to track this one down!

That's all we have for now.  Start planning your summer bag ensembles now ladies.  The season is upon us!!

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